4 Steps to a 4-Day Workweek

Tame Your Paper Tiger Online Workshop

During this workshop, you will learn what it takes to get back 20% of your workweek--allowing you to create a schedule working just 4 days per week--or if you prefer to work every day, you'll learn how to work less hours each day so you can accomplish your work AND enjoy your life!

If you're struggling with paper & email clutter, general disorganization, and overwhelm, you don't want to miss this event!

Please allow for 2 hours of uninterrupted focus time! :)

Thank you for this AMAZING workshop!

"I got SO much done during this Workshop, I am TRULY amazed! I can clearly see how implementing what I learned will help me achieve a 4-Day Workweek!" 

Suzanne A., Wilmington, NC